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This GRAB YOUR PARTNER Contest is open to ANYONE 21 or over. There are no categories so you can be a newbie or a seasoned stepper, just bring your dance and your confidence. Contestants must be Male/Female; no same sex partners permitted. In the event of a tie, we will have a 1-minute dance off and winner will be determined by the judges. 

Each contestant is required to purchase a $20 admission ticket (unless you have already purchased a ticket or weekend pass) to get into the set to compete in the contest. No registration fee is required; however, advance registration is required. Due to time constraints a maximum of 10 couples will compete; a minimum of 6. Registration will be closed upon reaching maximum capacity. To register, download the registration form from the Steppers Ball website www.steppersball.com and submit via email to Sarah Teagle at projectstepllc@gmail.com. If you have problems downloading the form, please contact Sarah at 404-931-1367.

Music Selections/Time Allotments/Judging
The songs selected must be a slow tempo and a fast tempo. Songs selected must fit into a 3-minute allotment. Please have your performance music ready via MP3 (email to projectstepllc@gmail.com) or flash drive (given to: Sarah Teagle) by noon August 28th. If no music is submitted, the DJ will choose the songs for the contestants. Each Contestant will perform 3 minutes. All Contestants must circulate the floor. Do not approach the Judges for your scorecards during the contest.

Monday, August 28, 2016 | Black & White Steppers Ball
Grab Your Partner $500 CONTEST RULES*
*Disclaimer: If we do not get a minimum of 6 couples, it is at the promoter's discretion to decrease the prize pool or cancel contest.
Judges will be looking for the following:

1. Originality:
The foundation of the dance should be Steppin and all movements should be executed in correct musical timing within the basic pattern of the dance. Points will be deducted from couples who deviate from the basic pattern of Steppin and execute another dance form (e.g., Salsa, Ballroom, Jitterbug, Tap, etc.).

2. Synchronization:
Two partners dancing with one another in time. Points will be deducted for the following execution errors: missing hands, slips, falls, missed dips and drops. 

3. Footwork:
Moving both feet in a rhythmic pattern that looks effortless and timely. Footwork movement should be coordinated with the upper body movements and turns. Points will be deducted from couples who fail to execute footwork while dancing, and for footwork movement that is awkward and distracting from the effortless movements that are characteristic of the dance.

4. Appearance:
Couples should be dressed in contest attire. Attire should be coordinated in color and should be appropriate, consistent with the rules. Attire should not detract from the performance by being overly revealing. Judges should not deduct points from contestants because of differing fashion opinions. However, “distracting apparel” will be decided at the Judge’s discretion. Points will be deducted from couples who fail to coordinate their attire, and those who have wardrobe malfunctions.

5. Showmanship:
Showmanship consists of movements, both impromptu and choreographed, that are executed in the context of the dance and presented with flair and dramatic presentation. Points will be deducted from couples who miss partner cues or rehearsed steps; dance without flair, energy, or creative moves; failure to engage the audience in their dance; failure to keep their head up while dancing (posture).

No glitter; graffiti can be used to enhance the performance.
Ballerina dresses with appropriate undergarments are acceptable.
Participants must have on respectful attire that covers all private body parts an
undergarments. If any private body part is exposed, the couple will lose points.
No unsportsmanlike conduct. Such conduct will be examined on a case-by-case basis and could result in being banned from future Contest participation.

Prize Pool: 
$500 Cash
Seve & T.W.